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Family Films? Family Video? Slides? Photos? Tapes?

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Studio42 offers the following service to the general public: Transfer to DVD and CD!

Let Studio42 preserve your family memories to digtal. Copy and share with no loss in quality. We can handle your 16mm, 8mm, Super8 films and create DVD's. We can scan in your slides and create slideshows or scan at high resolution so you can make prints. We can scan negatives and make positives from them so you can print them. We can scan in your family photographs of nearly any size and create slide shows or as data files. What about old VHS or even Betamax? We can transfer those to DVD as well as other tape formats. We can also handle many other consumer formats, such as Hi8, Video8 and MiniDVCam. We also handle professional video formats as well, such as Betacam SP and UMatic. We can even combine film and tapes and scans onto DVD's to save you money and have fewer discs!

Do you have old audio recordings? We can handle cassette, MiniDisc, DAT, reel to reel(1/4", 3 formats), records(LP, 78's, 45's), 8-track cassette, microcassette and recorded wire. We can even clean up old recordings and make them sound as good as new!

Standard Rates:


  • Film Projector set-up charge: $10 per projector and film type. If you have more than one film type, you'll have more of these charges, up to $40, which is one set-up of each film projector type and slide projector. We work through one type of film and then move onto another to save you time and money. For example, we set up for 8mm film and then transfer all your 8mm film before moving onto a different film type.
  • 8mm and Super8: $1.50/minute. Sound for Super8: $10 mixer set-up charge for stero or mono, no film limitation.
  • 16mm: $2.00/minute. Optical Sound track: $10 mixer set-up charge, no film limitation.

    Additional Services billed at $20/hour, with billing done in 5 minute increments, such as:

  • Film Cleaning: Large jobs receive discounts.
  • Basic editing of removing leader and tails and re-joining films. More advanced editing done as required, same rate.
  • Film Splicing and repairs. Cement Splicing and press-tape splicing.

    Slides, Photos and Scanning:

  • Photos scanned at $1.00/each. Larger quantities get price reductions for the entire batch. Includes basic photo trim editing only. Red-Eye reduction service extra on a flat rate per job.
  • Slide Projector Set-up Charge: $10. We have two slide projectors, there is no additional charge for using both projectors.
  • 35mm slides scanned at $2 each on flatbed at high resolution. Great for small batches. Discounts for large quantities and includes basic photo trim editing only.
  • Rent Slide Carousels: $5 Each. We have 80-slide and 140-slide carousels. Load them yourself on-site and avoid rental charges. $50 refundable Deposit for any carousels that leave property.
  • We can load your slides into carousels for $5/carousel.
  • Slides scanned through multiplexer(film transfer gear) $25/pre-loaded carousel or else $.75/slide. This service does not require basic photo editing.
  • Photos scanned at high resolution at $1 each, up 11X14. Ready to be printed and/or used for DVD slideshows
  • Transparencies up to 8.5X11 scanned at high resolution at $1 each. Ready to be printed and/or used for DVD slideshows
  • Negatives scanned at high resolution at $1.25 each. Will be made into positives and ready to be printed and/or used for DVD slideshows.

    Specialty Services:

  • Adding music to films and/or slideshows: Call for pricing. Basic rate is $25/hour with half-hour minimum. Customers with specific selections and bringing in their own music get better pricing. This may be included in larger jobs.
  • Title cards added and created. We can usually do this work very quickly. $3 Each. May be included in larger jobs.
  • Advanced Editing Services billed at $40/Hour with a half-hour minimum.

    Standard Fees:

  • Transcoding and Rendering: $45/DVD for video DVD's only. May be waived in larger orders.
  • $10/DVD. $6/CD. We use high quality name brand DVD-R and CD-R for maximum compatibility.
  • All DVD's feature a label printed directly onto the DVD and a paper sleeve with clear window. Full Color label(with graphics) extra.
  • All CD's feature a lable printed directly onto the CD and a paper sleeve with clear window. No Additional fee for labels printed directly onto CD. Full Color label(with graphics) extra.
  • Slimline CD-style jewel cases available for extra fee
  • Full DVD and CD case, tray and card options available for extra cost. Make your media look like a million bucks!
  • PAL to NTSC Conversion and NTSC to PAL Conversion: DVD Only. Some restrictions apply. $45/hour.
  • Rush job pricing: Call for availability and pricing. Call ahead when it is considered urgent to you. Why pay for rush service when it is not necessary? Fee Negotiated when job arrives and required turn-around time.
    Additional Transfer services at $20/hour, regularly $40/hour:
  • VHS and VHS-C direct to computer.
  • MiniDVCam direct to computer.
  • Video8 and Hi8 direct to computer.
  • Betamax direct to computer.
  • UMatic(3/4" Video) direct to computer
  • Betacam SP direct to computer
  • Transfer one tape format to another tape format(exception: No Transfers to Betacam SP, can do transfer FROM Betacam SP)
  • Any of the above formats transfered direct to DVD: $20/tape + $10/DVD. Bulk discounts available. 1 tape per DVD. We can put a 360-minute VHS T-120 Tape recorded in EP mode onto 1 DVD. That's 6 hours of video tape for $20+$10 for the DVD!

    Combine films and tapes to DVD and save money!

    Audio Transfer Services:
    Audio Transfers at $20/Hour direct to CD. Edit, create sepparate tracks by going to Pro Tools.

  • Cassette and LP(including 78, 33 1/3 and 45) directly to CD or Pro Tools
  • Reel to Reel 2-track(1/4" quarter-track) to CD or Pro Tools. Up to 7" Reels.
  • Recorded Wire direct to Pro Tools.
  • Microcassette direct to CD or to ProTools
  • Transfer to Pro Tools to get track editing and sepparation. Excellent option for a modest additional charge.

    Educational, Government, Charity and Bulk-rate Discount Rates Available. Call for best prices!

    What, you don't want DVD's or CD's? Lots of alternate delivery options available. We can transfer your files to hard drives, DVD-ROM or CD-ROM. We can put your film on MiniDV or other tape formats. Bring your computer or external hard drive(SCSI, Firewire, USB or NAS) and we can transfer your data onto that. Want to bring in a bare drive? We can use any IDE, ATA or Serial ATA drive and transfer your data on to that. Need electronic delivery? We can do that via a secured section of the web site. These and other options if you simply want your material digitized and you can do your editing, authoring or projects with it. We use both Macs and PC's here.

  • Many more services are available. Call today and get an estimate on your jobs!
    We can do complicated jobs within our capabilities and your imagination. Lots of options to offer, including full DVD packaging. We can do custom labels, custom insert cards and tray cases, cover pages and labels of all kinds. We can print directly onto DVD and CD. All DVD's are made using high-quality brand name DVD-R discs. All DVD's are created as Region 0 or All Region DVD and are in the NTSC broadcast format. We can also create Region 0 or All Region PAL DVD's on special request.

    As always, some of our rates are negotiable. We even accept trades and credits for your old film, slide and audio equipment. Call for details. California Sacramento County Sales tax added to all transfer jobs done at our facilities. Current rate as of April 2013 is: 8% for Sacramento County.

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