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Parties need great sound!

Parties: Impress your guests with perfect sound!

People like parties. What happens at parties? Lots of people, lots of food, lots of talking. Some parties have dancing. What every party needs is great sound, and that is where Studio42 came help. Studio42 can handle big parties, small parties, indoors and outdoors. You organize the party, we'll provide the sound. Now you can simply host your party instead of trying to keep the sound working.

Small PA, mixer and CD changer for background music

Parties can be anywhere. Most parties are in halls and restaurants, but outdoor venues and houses also make popular places to have a party as well. Studio42 goes anywhere you want us to go. We can handle your large parties as well as your small parties.

Mid-Sized Mains, monitors and lights for band performance for a Vietnamese New Years Party

Mixer, decks, sub and tops for house party

Even if you have a home stereo or home theater system, you should hire Studio42 to handle your sound requirements for your parties. Home stereo equipment is not designed for the type of volume levels and projection that are necessary for parties unless all you want is quiet background music. If you're trying to use your home stereo to do karaoke, your home equipment is not made to handle that. Instead of beating up and damaging your stereo system, you should hire Studio42 to provide sound for your party. Our equipment is designed for any type of event, from quiet music playback to a full-out rock concert as well as everything in between. Professional sound operated by a professional engineer.

Big console and big PA for house party

People like to go to parties to have fun. We get lots of call for karaoke for parties. Even at parties, Studio42 provides world class service for karaoke, including mains and monitors. We bring a large karaoke catalog and a 19" television monitor if needed, or we can use your home television. For a little bit more, we can record on-site at your party and guests can make CD's and DVD's of their performances.

Sound, lights and recording for karaoke. College graduation party.

Studio42 gives all of our effort into all events and parties are no exception. Any service we offer is available for parties. We can bring a band or work with a band you hire. We can bring lights if you need them. Recording and video options are always available if you desire. Your party is just as important to Studio42 as a big concert with A-list performers. The only restriction is your imagination.

Large console, small PA and decks for karaoke house party.

Hire Studio42 today for your party. We have the knowledge, expertise, experience and equipment to bring world class sound quality to any party of any size. When you have a full-service sound production company working for you, you get more options. Ensure happy guests by providing them with concert quality sound. Book your date today and have an party to remember.

Small PA, mixer, decks and karaoke. Barber College Graduation Party.