Professional Audio Services


What kind of events can we handle? We can handle any event.

There are many kinds of events, ranging from small to large, casual to formal and a wide range of events in-between.

Here is a few types of events we can cover, to name a few. We are not restricted to just these types of events.

  • Weddings Reception Services
  • Engagement and Wedding Ceremonies/Services
  • Live Bands
  • Advertising and promotional events
  • Speeches
  • Corporate Events
  • Casual Events, parties, picnics and more
  • Fairs, carnivals, charity events, holiday events and local events.
    And of course, much, much more.

    One of our more frequently requested services are for wedding receptions, either karaoke, live band or both. We always have a lighting system for such events. At karaoke events, we carry a modest selection of music suitable for dancing. We can also provided a more full-featured service to help provide sound services during all aspects of the day, ranging from multiple systems at multiple locations for the ceremonies, as well as for the reception itself. Upon request, we can do recording to coordinate with the videographer.

    Live bands and concerts are specialties of ours. The system performs very well for live music playback. Indoors or outdoors, no problem.

    Promotional and Advertising is another event. Hire our system and services for a day or a few hours, or for extended engangements. We can play music to help bring attention to your shop or business or provide sound service for a band. At your request, we can also provide microphones for any announcements. Audio provides good impact for your promotions and is an easy way to gather a lot of attention quickly.

    Speeches are another important event. Depending on the nature of the speech, mass-media such as TV or radio may wish to become involved. In such instances, we can provide a feed to the media if requested or necessary. For example, when covering a political event, rather than show up with a podium with a speaker and cheap microphone to maybe broadcast to 50 people standing around and a pile of microphones from news crews, we can provide a single or multiple microphones, cover over 2000 people and provide clean audio feeds to 10 or more news crews. Project a more respectable image with clear audio.

    Casual events can include range from family get-togethers to company sponsored picnics, or any event where sound services are required. Sometimes there is live entertainment or perhaps they just want music to be played, with people coming up for short speeches from time to time. Of course, parties. We can handle most types of parties as well. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we'll make sure we properly handle your event. Indoor events OK, outdoor events OK as well as long as we can get power.

    Fairs and carnivals often have one or more stages for live acts and events and we can handle those events. School bands, live bands, choirs, speeches, spelling bees, announcements, graduations, rallies, sporting events, we can handle it.

    If there are any events that require audio services, we can handle those types of events. Be it playing background music for an art gathering to a more complicated system, we can do it.

    Special rates to high profile events, charities and some religious organizations. Book your event today and let a professional sound company take care of the rest.